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Pizza Crisp Usage Suggestions

This page is for suggestions on how to use Pizza Crisp.


For Crisper Crust Using Doughballs

  1. Let dough proof in dough retarder.
  2. Scrape the dough from the dough tray and place the MOIST side in a 12" diameter pan of Pizza Crisp.
  3. Press out dough to desired size; sauce, cheese, and top with desired ingredients.
  4. Bake as normal.

For Pre-Rolled Crusts

  1. Put a layer of Pizza Crisp on your board.
  2. Drop the pre-rolled crust on to the Pizza Crisp.
  3. Sprinkle Pizza Crisp on to the top and press into the dough.
  4. Top; Bake as normal.

For a Better Presentation

  1. Sprinkle Pizza Crisp UNDER the toppings to absorb vegetable moisture.
  2. Sprinkle Pizza Crisp ON TOP of pepperoni to absorb excess oil.

Pizza Crisp will keep your crusts from burning, your cheese from running and give you a consistently better-looking pizza. Used properly, your pizza will stay crisp and tasty. Even when reheated, the pizza will continue to be crisp and delicious.

For very thin pizza, use approximately 1/2 oz on each side.

For pan pizza, sprinkle approximately 1 oz in the bottom of the pan; press an additional 1 oz into the dough itself.

Pizza Crisp can be used in any situation where excess moisture is a problem. It is tastless, odorless and ground to a consistency that easily assimilates into any type of product.

BREADSTICKSRoll your breadsticks in Pizza Crisp to add a whole new taste and texture!
PIESUse approximately 4-6 grams of Pizza Crisp on the bottom of pie pan before placing dough in pan. Press gently to embed dough crispies into crust. May be used on top of bottom crust depending on the consistency of the filling.
LASAGNASprinkle Pizza Crisp on each layer of cheese as you prepare your favorite vegetable or meat lasagna. This eliminates excess moisture and gives you a firm, taste-tempting lasagna that doesn't fall apart when serving.
PASTRIESPizza Crisp can be sprinkled under pastries such as strudels, streusels, sweet rolls and breads to keep the bottoms dry and tasty.
BAGELSRoll Pizza Crisp into bagel dough prior to cooking for a crisper bagel. It also eliminates gumminess that can be a problem.
OTHER IDEASUse Pizza Crisp when making calzones, pot pies and meat or cheese pastries for a crisper crust and a more desirable product.

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